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A Free Security Audit Exclusively Available Online

Free Security Audit to ensure Computer and Network Security in DTC


Virus Attacks On Denver Businesses Are On The Rise. 

Be On Your Guard With RedShift Technologies' Computer Security Experts!

Here's the bad news: it only takes a couple of clicks to have a dramatic effect on the security of your business. With so many professional scammers and skilled fraudsters out there, it is all too easy to open a cleverly disguised email, click on an innocent looking web link or accept a download that will let the bad guys in and seriously compromise your data, your privacy and even your client relationships.

It happens every day – we know of hundreds of businesses in Denver and the Metro Area that have fallen prey to viruses, "phishing", Trojans and other cyber-attacks. We also know that virus-removal is a specialized skill that requires needs urgent attention so that infected systems don't disrupt your workflow. But, here's some great news!

For a limited time, RedShift Technologies is offering a FREE Security Audit exlusively to new business customers in Denver and throughout the Metro Area.

In your FREE Security Audit, RedShift Technologies will:

  • Help you identify where you're vulnerable and how you could be doing things better
  • Explain the importance of up-to-date security for small and medium-sized businesses in Denver
  • Help you understand how to identify if and when your computers and networks have been infected
  • Review of employee email policies & practices
  • Review of web usage policy
  • Identify and recommend the best hardware and firewall solutions to keep intruders at bay
  • Audit your anti-virus software

What's more, if you are vulnerable – or worse still, your security has already been breached – we have the local Denver-based expertise and know-how to fix the issue, clean your systems and keep you free from cyber-attacks.

Click here for your FREE Security Audit because, when it comes to Denver computer and network security, you'll find we're like a dog with a bone!


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