IT Support Services and Network Security

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Rocket science. Brain surgery. Quantum physics. IT support services and network security.

All these fields and disciplines can be extremely daunting to the lay-person but are vital to the furtherance of society and business.

Since we are, at present, not licensed to perform brain surgery and it can legitimately be argued that rocket science and quantum physics are more “cool” than “vital”, the focus of our upcoming blog series will be Network Security.

In a world where 3 year-olds patiently peruse the app store on their parents’ tablet and goat farmers in Afghanistan carry smartphones, we believe it to be the sacred duty of IT professionals to educate their clients and protect the unwary from the anonymous malice that seeks financial gain by exploiting the very technologies that make our lives easier and our businesses successful.

We all use computers, but we are not all IT gurus. Visit us weekly for some important tips and random wisdoms gained from a decade of helping both business and individuals negotiate the treacherous waters of security.