Protect Your Memories and Your Livelihood – Backup!

By Steve Grovenor | May 17, 2016

It’s your loss if you don’t! To our advantage as well as our chagrin, modern technologies allow us the ability to conveniently manage both our personal lives and business endeavors through the use of computers and mobile devices. While the advantages afforded us in modernity are virtually limitless, such capabilities have placed us at far …

IT Support Services and Network Security

By Steve Grovenor | May 17, 2016

Your Source for Tips and Wisdom Rocket science. Brain surgery. Quantum physics. IT support services and network security. All these fields and disciplines can be extremely daunting to the lay-person but are vital to the furtherance of society and business. Since we are, at present, not licensed to perform brain surgery and it can legitimately …

The Crash and the Recovery

By Steve Grovenor | May 17, 2016

We’re Not Talking Economics Here The failure rates of hard drives vary significantly by Manufacturer and fluctuate from year to year. Seagate, which used to be (but is no longer) our #1 standard go to drive, has plummeted in reliability in the last few years. Backblaze, one of our favorite and most cost effective online …